It has been about a year since I posted in here.  So much has changed since then. It never stops! and that is exciting – but one thing that hasn’t is I still play the viola.
“Knuckle Under,” my new solo record is being released this month on vinyl by Taiga Records out of Minnesota.
Andrew, who runs the label does the most beautiful work with these releases!
The cover art is based on a drawing by Rachel Bell.
Generally, I write relatively short, concise pieces that attempt to exhaust the possibilities of a single note on the viola. Sometimes a melody or a pattern.  Most often, the pitch is that of one of the open strings in various registers.  They ring best on that thing. 
I will be touring along with Rachel in part as the duo, “Dark Tips.” She has a fabulous voice which she accompanies with analog organ.  Due to our general natures, it gets pretty withcy.
If you are in New York City, I will be playing at Trans Pecos on August 7th right before I head to Texas to start the tour.
If you live somewhere between Austin and Toronto, hope to see you at one of these shows – you may even end up with a hand drawing of your astrological chart…
Tour deets below.
Love to all,