I am pleased to announce the premiere of my first orchestral work this Fall. The performance will take place on November 22nd at Roulette in Brooklyn.
As a viola and violin player, my introductory ensemble experiences were in orchestras. In college, I studied the repertoire in depth.  Although I don’t find orchestral playing in my life much anymore, I felt a strong return home while working on this piece.

I am very thankful to The Tri-Centric foundation for encouraging me to apply for this commission and I look forward to sharing, “When the World Changes Around You.”

The concert will also feature new works by Daniel Blake, Michael Attias and Joseph Daley, all of which whom I have played music with in the past.  I am excited to be sharing the program with them.

Below are some notes about the piece:

I have always been fascinated by perpetual motion in nature; the waves of the ocean, the orbit of the earth, the beating of the heart. Particularity, by its inexhaustibly and consistency despite external change.

Change, in itself is in a constant state of perpetual motion, and throughout the duration of one’s life span, much of the change we experience is beyond our control.  

When the World Changes Around You mirrors this fascination through the use of ostinato.

The orchestra’s “heartbeat” – or ostinato – remains constant throughout the duration of the piece regardless of changes in time and feel.   Adjustments have been made to the notation of the ostinato enabling this effect.  

By the end of the piece, the sections prove interchangeable as they overlap with one another.